By: Jason Chamberlain
Welcome guests into your home with style.

For a young professional or newly wed couple, there are few milestones more exciting than moving into your first condo. It is your achievement in every way, and you should take the time to celebrate it with the people who have been there from the beginning.

A housewarming party is a classic way to include your friends, family, and new neighbors in the experience of making your first home. For the simple steps that follow, pick up all your housewarming needs—from scented candles, down to the cutlery—from a one-stop shop like All Home.

Now, here are a few basics to consider when throwing a stylish and memorable party.

1. You don’t need to throw your housewarming right away

After you’ve moved in, waiting two or three months before your housewarming is a fair way to make sure you’re completely settled in and ready to have guests over. After all, you don’t want to get caught with your wares still in boxes! Do set a date in advance so that you can let your guests know with ample lead time.

2. Put thought into the invites

Speaking of guests, it’s time to make a guest list! As this is your first housewarming, be deliberate about who you invite, rather than sending out an open invitation. Having your closest friends and family there will make for a simple and intimate occasion. But also let your neighbors know you’re new by inviting them to your get-together! After all, having a great community around you can make a home that much more special.

Create your invitation with a calendar event through email or social media. It can be tempting to compose a quick chat message, but do yourself the favor of having people remember your special date. It’s your first home after all!

3. Let your new home do the talking

Stick to a simple setup with minimal decorations. You’re throwing a party to celebrate your new digs, so flaunt what you have! If you really feel like splurging, invest in some scented candles, string lights, and small potted plants to bring out the best in your house or apartment.

Create a comfortable space around your living room for everyone coming. You can get creative with your seating — some chairs, beanbags, and fresh rugs easily turn a bare room into a classy soiree. Check out your nearest AllHome for cozy yet classic pieces that will elevate your entire home!

4. Don’t forget the official tour

A group tour is an oft-forgotten tradition in the modern housewarming. However, it’s important to give your guests a quick walkabout of your new place to give them a feel of things and to be able to celebrate every part of your new home. Wait until about 60% of your guests have arrived and conduct a casual group tour of your bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. This saves you from having to take all of your guests around one by one as they arrive.

5. Don’t complicate things

Keep it simple: cocktails and finger food. A sit-down dinner or brunch would work wonderfully for a small group, but try to plan light instead. Have your friends bring over nibbles and drinks of their own and make a potluck of it. You can even opt for the grazing table route — this way, people can eat and drink at their own pace. Have your closest friends help you man the kitchen and bar if need be, so you can let your hair down.

Ultimately, the one thing to remember to enjoy yourself. This moment is a reminder that you’ve come a long way to have the beautiful home and life that you deserve! With an unforgettable housewarming, you can create yours now.


The COHO Living Team.